It is the last day of the year, therefore this becomes the last post, I confess that I can not help but start this article with a smile on my face, again I bring you good news and it is as if we did not end the year as the fashion blog better positioned in Colombia, really thank you, thank you, thank you for being part of this, have not been many years but if it has been a lot of work, start publishing daily and achieve what has been achieved leaves me a giant smile on the face.

This year many things happened, I remember that in January I was a bit hesitant, but I had come full of energy from Aruba Fashion Week, and so, one day I said: I’m going to NYFW !, even though I saw myself with very good people In their jobs and they told me that I would not achieve much, I said to myself: “It does not matter, if I do not go to any catwalk, I’ll meet New York. What could go wrong?” There I decided to take a risk, buy tickets and ask for my accreditation, the result was incredible, about 60 catwalks, 48 ​​invitations had been waiting for me to accept, no doubt a dream come true that leaves me at 22 years of age .

Followed by this, this year when I arrived from NY I decided to make way for my YouTube channel, an idea that was born in order to express myself more easily and reach people that maybe gives them a chance to read, maybe, younger guys with a single end: Continue democratizing the fashion in thought, stop fearing and risk being in it, total, is no longer an elite.

In the styling part I also met many challenges, made covers, worked with celebrities and had the opportunity to work with great people, and of course, if we continue with the printed and editorial my articles were seen in portals as Fuchsia and printed as in Week Sustainable.

To finish all these months, we went to Aruba Fashion Week for the second time, where my days were surrounded by people I always admired, swim and have dinner with Agatha Ruiz De La Prada and I met a character that when I saw him, the first thing I said was: I am your fan! He will know who he is and I still do not tell them much about the subject because I will have great news soon.

This year the move was strong but I realized that you have to dream more than ever, I know that maybe you see that in the YouTube videos or any publication in the Facebook timeline, but believe me it is, sometimes we repress obstacles that are not significant, money, fears, personality, etc, but today I can tell you that although my life is not perfect as you believe in networks if I am a dreamer and passionate about what I do, I have done everything without thinking about have a lot of money or a thousand other things, things flow better when they think about being happy, in their dreams, and the rest will come in addition.

Happy year and thanks for so much support, without you none of this would be real!


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