Then I started to see several articles on the internet with titles like “DESIGUAL: The ugliest and most successful I know”. There I realized that I was not crazy, and that what we all believed was seen in the rest of the world. However, in February I had the opportunity to go to New York Fashion Week, with the pleasant surprise of being invited to the catwalk of Desigual, I confess that I had seen some shows but they had not caused much in me.

I confess that just entering the fashion show I put a silly face, more foolish than when I got to NYFW or when I got the accreditation, lies not so much lol, but if I was too surprised, the montage was something darks and I did not have a vibe that one would never feel in a brand store, a wow vibe, this is my place; just started the fashion show and I felt very purest, I swear, because Desigual in my imaginary was something else and in my head I thought: I want that! and that! and that! FUCK I really love Desigual.

Unfortunately then we had to come back to reality and see that NOTHING was in stores, and that we were still with the same bright little flowers that many buy but that in truth are not as cool as what the brand presents.

Researching a little, enter your website and I realized that your prices of PRECIOUS garments may be the same as those sold here in Colombia, I do not know if this is part and collection and then lines and blah as it happens in many fashion shows because in truth the prices are not high if we compare them with the Colombians.

I can not say the logical answer to this, but if I can tell you that with your new director I hope to renew the brand more, your last presentation was precious and hopefully you realize that the Latin market wants that, no more flowers by Anyway, that is not Desigual anymore.

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