At the beginning of the show, as all of you, I got mad against the production and the programme hosts, more exactly with Carolina Cruz. By the time we saw this, all of us who work on fashion were like WHAT? Can we make the models suffer that way? Not as far as I’m concerned.. Or well, yes, I’ve heard about some problems with the make-up and badly handled hairstyles, uncomfortable clothing and, in some occasions, shoes that are way too big or too small for fashion shows and fashion editorials, but nothing out of this world as it is presented in this show.

I’m going to talk about various facts where we watch how far this programme is from the reality, and even though everybody said that it is so far, it’s false, there’s something really close to the truth, for our disappointment. But let’s begin with further topics, guys, the most important thing is to make it clear that NOTHING’S LIKE THAT AT ALL! Believe me, Nobody is putting you animales over you if you don’t want to, they’re not throwing you from a fifth floor if you don’t want to, anyway, you can say no on the modeling industry too, like you would do on any other job, because well, yeah it’s a job too.

Don’t be afraid, modeling is a divine art that is not learnt the hard way, as they want to make us think, even more, in my opinion it hasn’t made me think which model is better, this kind of tests don’t tell me absolutely nothing, the only thing to stand out here is the feedback of the “professional pictures” done. So, don’t believe what’s happening there, I’ve met models that have faced against the greatest agencies, who eat whatever they want to, and that if there’s something they do not like nobody can force them to do it. But as well, I’ve met some not so cool girls who bring it all out the ugly things about the industry as it’s happening in the show.

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Even though we know that fashion in Colombia is nothing but  a joke, it’s not seen as a real work, and it’s not respected or appreciated as art.I remember when I was finishing High School and I shout out to the world “I’m going to study fashion!” Most reactions were baffling, they didn’t understand why was I going to study that, or what I was going to do for a living, and now that I’m working on it I understand why.

There’s an easy answer, people do not see fashion as something superficial just because of the clothing, cause along time they’ve understood that one way or another they’re into it, but this kind of shows that make the thought of the fashion as superficiality stronger, not only because the nonsense tests seen on the programme, but because the wanna-be princess behaviour of some of the models, for that jokes against the other girls, for that inconceivable attitudes that we’re so used to. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen it a thousand times, between bloggers, journalists, photographers, make-up artists, etc., it’s a long list but what I want to stand out are those behaviours that are making us look like a dumb people industry, that just can’t think beyond money and appearance.

Colombia’s-Next-Top-Model - colombia - blog- danielastyling - modelos colombianas

I know I’m not wrong with this, because I’ve read your comments and I waited a long time to write the article, because I wanted to see this, to see how such pretty and talented models that we all know behave like that, behave just.. Just as it ‘s usual on the industry.

I must stand out those comments that “No one is asking them to do it”, “They knew what they were doing”, “That’s the way a reality-show is”. Yeah, maybe all of that is true, and if they are doing it it’s because they have dreams too, and it’s not easy, but what is really wrong as I’ve always said, is that you’ve got to be a person and have manners, even more in the silly media as it is; remember that you’re not going to live in that house forever, neither in that bubble, remember that outside is where you live the real life, where you look for a job and face the world.

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