I must start this post by telling you that I feel happy, I feel too inspired and full for the first day of BCapital, although I still can’t with many environments BCapital changes everything, yes, there are egos, there are attitudes and pretensions, but you know? It’s very nice when fashion inspires you as it should, when you get to embrace a character like Darío Cárdenas, who has literally fought in every way to stand firm in this work, or not to mention just see the face of a Carlos Polite, who despite being the most applauded and surprising in these three editions BCapital wears and be who he is, because he is also an industry giant

That’s why I can say and compare the great similarity that this edition of BCapital has had with New York Fashion Week, many will think I’m crazy, or that I’m inventing things, but not my loves, believe me. Yesterday when entering the new location of BCapital many were surprised, perhaps, if they are right, the entrance is not the most WOW, neither unscheduled nor many things as maybe it was Texura, and when entering, I also received comments about the location, for many was already very trashy, and of course, if we are accustomed to the fashion in Colombia is something else. However, I must say I loved, the location, why? Because even though the Skylight in New York may be very well finished, it has a very similar aesthetics, the pop-up part and the first experience as soon as you enter seems sober and appropriate. Entering and seeing a ramp with the collection of Esteban Cortázar and Seven Seven is pure love, seeing a dress hanging in the middle of nowhere is not sure, it just fills your little heart.

Continuing with this, we must accept that the designers’ grill this year is brutal, and that the opportunity they offer in the study of the B for those who do not have an invitation or are not press is absurd, because yesterday for example they could enjoy a Lina Cantillo with a retrospective look at men’s fashion, which for those who did not know it could not understand the collection very well, so that’s where I leave the information.

In turn, they were also able to see the collection of one of the greatest young talents here, Darío Cárdenas, who gave us the eye to more than one with his closing and a story in this collection that closed a cycle, his illness, a cycle that is left behind to give life to spirituality, art and obvious dreams. This collection began with gray tones and then came to a shamanic part as he called it representing that peace and spirituality of being that I think we often lose. As a curious fact I tell you that his jackets wore the faces of his friends, friends who died in a few months but were with him battling cancer.

Finally, I loved to see the faces of surprise and happiness at the end of Polite’s catwalk, Carlos is definitely an incredible head, literally I have just caught my face writing this, because it is absurd what this man does; beyond the clothes and experimental design that leaves aside the feminine and the masculine, his speech makes everything make sense by declaring that we are nothing, simply individual beings and so we should stay.

For those who do not know Polite does not make catwalks, Carlos does not believe in her and if they could have been there feel lucky, because they really were.

Let’s go for the second day.


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