We started with a new section in the blog, month after month we will have some lesson that Instagram has left us, a story, an anecdote, something that really needs to be shown and this time we started with December, my month started with an incredible trip to Aruba , many Colombian events, stories in Paloquemao’ and well, so far I do not know how it will end but I have received great news that I will be communicating soon.

Perhaps, one of the most common problems nowadays is to fight against the climate, yes, you fight feeling comfortable, without suffocating and with clothes according to this. For example, in Bogotá we can live 4 climates in a day, come warm, start a heat that reminds you of hell itself, then it rains to a level that you can be drowned and finally begins to make an unimaginable cold. This has made Colombians for example, we are prepared for anything, then, we came out with jackets and T-shirts, too, we look for those shoes resistant to any time like for example military boots, forever the inevitable.

I know that many of the cold weather like me find it hard to dress as we want in hot land, if you are as rolo as I will understand that with a few minutes of heat you are dying and melting in the attempt, literally, that is why for this Occasion I chose a variety of garments that can work as a ring to the finger.

We start with the inevitable dresses, of course, when talking about heat this is the best option, although we always choose the quieter or basic and no, it’s time to risk a little more also on the beach, dressed in boleros, dresses long that make you feel wrapped in magic. Keep in mind that if we are traveling, comfort should be paramount, that is why if you wear a short dress, tennis shoes will be a perfect option, rather than booties or sandals. On the other hand, if you wear a long dress for a special occasion and you will see better with sandals with a heel or platform.

On the other hand, if you wear a long dress for a special occasion and you will see better with sandals with a heel or platform.

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But for those who are not so fanatical of the dresses and prefer to point to the pants, do not forget that the culottes have a totally loose silhouette, something that will make them feel fresh and comfortable, these can also be combined perfectly with tennis and a T-shirt basic or if in the place where they are in the day alone and in the cold night they will be able to wear a hoodie and they will look equally good.

This was just a time in December, here I leave you how the month goes <3

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