A few days ago I had the opportunity to speak with Carlos Polite, the creator of Polite, obviously, for those who do not know who is or even know the brand, I want to tell you that will be responsible for opening BCapital in this third edition. In his interview he began by assuring that he was not so much in favor of the catwalks, sometimes they could be somewhat ephemeral and perhaps for the sake of showing something was not told a story and we all know that is quite common in Colombia.

In our country it is common to see how designers for their eagerness to be in all the “fashion weeks”  there are collections with little prepared histories, collections that are not really good and leave a little of flavor. We can also see the case of designers who go as a tour for several weeks of fashion with the same and the same and the sameeeee collection, something that results in a phrase like “I had already seen.”

But this can be a clear example that the catwalks are not fulfilling their function, neither for us as assistants, nor for the creators. No one denies their talent, they are not all of course, but over time, we have lost sight of the true value of a show of these: Living an experience.

I can say that BCapital is the event that fulfills this value, but after seeing NYFW (New York Fashion Week), LFW (London Fashion Week) and others fashion weeks (for the most part) the presentations are a must have we should have, we need a performance and reach a quiet place and mount a catwalk, we need salon presentations in fashion weeks, in galleries, in different places.

You will ask what is the difference of a presentation to a fashion show, well, this can help a lot, first and most important these presentations can create experiences, the setting can be less complicated or more developed and more economic in turn. Also as spectators we can see the garments in detail generating free press more easy why? Because we can take better photographs that will be published in social networks, among other economic benefits, not to mention the difference between fashion show and presentation.

I think we are a bit rooted in the dream of a fashion show, but we must verify that it works more for the brand, can often be a very well done event and not run from Bogota to Medellin, from Medellin to Cali and from Cali to Barranquilla presenting the same or collections that are not at 200%. I must say that these types of shows are also totally valid and that in fashion weeks as I could live there are almost the same number of fashion shows as alternative presentations but that are linked to fashion week.

Again it is time to rethink if we need so many fashion weeks, if the cities need it or is a fad because basically we have to be sincere, there are NO MONEY, there are cities that are not focal points of fashion, it is time to accept it, to understand it and let those who know how to take care of this.

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