Leaving aside that I was an ambassador for the brand and that I am a fan of the grouping and especially Goyo, today I want to talk to you as always, in the most sincere way so that you can understand the magnitude of this and maybe you see it as something positive, cute and with responsibility as it is.

I will contextualize them a bit first before starting to talk about other things, ChocQuibTown and Seven Seven joined in order to create a collaboration that will throw the house out the window maybe more than with Esteban Cortázar’s – from my point of view it is clear – This collection was unveiled after an expectation campaign on March 15 with the brand’s main store here in Bogotá. Where the assembly for this was an entire floor with elements that made you think of Quibdó and the Colombian Pacific.

Personally I must say that I could hardly see the collection live, in the store I said WOOOOOW, spectacular because we can find some male and female designs but in fact for me 90% of the collection is unisex, yes, in design, sizes and absolutely EVERYTHING; first positive point for the collab.

Of course, the collection is inspired by the Chocó, highlighting the new album of the band that is an ode to the cultural richness, music and everything that surrounds this region, then you will find clothes with direct messages that remind us of them as “Without fear”, “Money there is no”, “Invincible”, “The Queen of the Combo”, “SLOWcito”, “By Goyo” and of course “Tostao” accompanied by an illustration of a toast. I must also point out that they were inspired by the fauna and flora, the vibrant colors that speak for themselves of the band and a strong message to leave fear and enjoy fashion and well… who better than them to talk about it.

“Fashion for me is a vehicle towards art, art takes its place and then democratizes and becomes of all. The garments of this collaboration play with each other, clothes without prejudices that reaffirm comfort, color and zero fears and that, in turn, you can use to work or to put some heels and feel sexy and cool” Goyo said.

I have to say that fortunately Seven Seven is doing this kind of collaborations, something very Colombian in origin but that does not leave aside what is happening outside, does not leave aside a democratization of fashion with things of the common, things that inspire that but that recently it was an embarrassment to a fashionable elite, it was unacceptable or inconceivable, and this is precisely what shouts that we should live this industry, with what surrounds us, what we are and of course, without forgetting what happens outside.

They will ask about the prices and I personally have to say that they are better than Esteban’s, the textiles are the right ones for each garment and there is a set of patterns very well made that will not fall easily.

However, I have already seen criticism due to a similarity with the collab of Kenzo and H & M and no, no, no, I strongly deny this, that is… it is animal print, if we compare over time animal print this can become very absurd, the colors? I remind you that we are governed by seasons and you do not need to be the most expert to know what colors are and what colors are definitely NOT, besides you only need to have Goyo, Slow and Tostao next to them to know that they shout their name, then focus on this so great that is being achieved, this is doing Seven Seven and other major Colombian brands never dared to do, also I must emphasize that this has a very strong social responsibility with seedbed on board and foundation, let’s support and as ChocQuibTown says enjoy yourself fashion WITHOUT FEAR, every time we are more the ones that change aesthetics and we risk being and doing what we want, please do not stop <3

Here I leave one of my chosen looks, I want to see yours so you can send me by Instagram <3

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