Uffff good, this started my linduras, as you could see I was for the second time in New York fashion week, with over 35 invitations to catwalks and really beautiful presentations. I swear there are so many designers that we do not know in Latin America and we really HAVE TO SEE THEM, because they inspire, steal sighs and increase the desire to work, this of course, applies to all: designers, writers, photographers, models, marqueteros, anyway.

This time my experience at NYFW was something different, a year ago it was my first time, I was excited as anyone because at 22 I was going to fulfill one of my dreams and I was going to be the second blogger in Colombia to go to this great event as well counting with a large number of invitations and front row in several of them and not precisely by my followers or by my looks, all this thanks to each of my articles written in different media, to my work in FashionTV and of course to this baby , the blog.

This time I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with the creative and the curators of the designers who presented their collections, really in love with an Asian aesthetic that for me was not NYFW but Asia Fashion Week or something like that, what a great success when leaving by these designers !, despite the fact that several brands left New York they made them totally replaceable, they had days under the name of “China Day” and this made it clear to us with a blow to the face that the trends long ago left behind. come from Europe or USA, fashion is in Asia and Latin America, these places define what we use today, and yes, Latin America, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc.

You wonder why the title of the post is that yes, NYFW changed, although some time ago their policies for bloggers and influencers had changed the move, blocking them a bit the entry, this time I did not feel much filter … unfortunately the era of False influencers had come to fashion week and believe it or not it ruins many things, I do not think it was just a matter of weather what changed everything, I’m sure this and the departure of some brands stirred up the hearts of Many.

However as I say the Asian designers were everything, we do not miss any mark because the aesthetics of the future is there, it is in them, in new creators that we should start seeing as references because they are doing things quite well, of course in the next post I will recommend you and I will give you my list so that you know them and get carried away by what is the new era of fashion, which of course makes me defend NYFW at heart and sword for this, because of the 4 capitals this is the most grounded to a social reality, is the most underground fashion week of the 4 and maybe a little more reachable. THANK YOU NYFW!

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