Dressing for winter is not easy and more for those who have not been many times in it, I mean Latin American countries where the snow is a bit far from reality and when we travel we find that in truth the cold of these places is OTHER STORY. I say this because I know many cases and mine is perhaps one of them, because a year ago when I went to New York for the first time and were in the middle of a snowstorm I did not know very well what to use only to take care of wearing a lot of clothes – and even then it was not enough – to put on a lot of layers that I did not know if it was really going to work.

I know many of you will wonder how bloggers, youtubers or celebrities have so cool looks and they look like they are dying of cold but not … well here I will tell you my experience and some secrets that we have and that I clearly learned the bad but I know that they will work and without a doubt that makes me very happy.

As I said I had no idea how not to die from the cold and maybe I also wondered how they looked so incredible with apparently “little clothes” and well, as in my life I learned doing it and living it hahaha and really you do not know how it was My first day when I stepped on the snow hahaha, a year ago, at 22 years of age, Bambi looked like a baby so they have a little idea and laugh, I also underestimated the weather and the cold was hellish, but I learned and understood how they all dressed

The first trick I used on my first trip was to dress in layers and capes and layers and emmm more layers, then I used a shirt, shirt, sweater and jacket and yes, it still gave me cold not much but yes, I also had to wear leggings and over pants or two leggings, the logical thing is to wear thermal clothing but the last thing I wanted to do was get there to buy thermal clothing, I’m more risk and laziness and the thought of spending the money on that killed me hahaha was actually like Nah, let’s fix everything with what I brought.

To give you an example, here, in this picture I have two T-shirts, a black diver and my green jacket. On the bottom two leggings and long boots that are sacred for this.

Many times they can also add the jacket but they will have less movement but they can also look cool and more than that save them from horrible cold more if they are going to do tourism in this time.

My second tip is please do not be rebellious and wear hats, hats, gloves, earmuffs, scarves, all the accessories you can, the first time I did not and the headache was not normal, the simple caps or hoods look INCREDIBLE and can save them, in addition gloves must be of daily use, I know that sometimes they can be uncomfortable at the time of using the cell phone, but they sell some with tactile fingers with which they can use any device or currently my cell phone has A widget that lets you know if you have gloves and it works.

Following with these tips I tell them not to be shy of colors, although in cities like New York at this time people only wear white, black and gray I assure you that they can put on striking looks, cute and comfortable with colors, at the end and finally I think that this city is to enjoy fashion like nowhere else.

Finally I know that many will wonder where I get these clothes and well as always Inditex rebates, it would be great to take Colombian design to these weeks of fashion but I live very warrior and I dread what can happen to the garments, sacks such as green, gray and orange cost me $ 150,000 COP the three, the coats another $ 50000 each and so on. Also to finish my final advice is that they can wear summer clothes for winter, and this last photo is proof of that, I wanted to use a Kimono on top of all my layers and honestly it was my favorite looks.

Tell me what your favorite look was and if you have questions you can write me <3


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