My God, I am a sinner, I have not published many days on my beloved blog but I have justifications for all of you, and is that the truth for those who say that bloggers and youtubers win everything easy is completely FALSE !, you do not know Imagine everything that we have to do and more considering that we have to have more jobs or starve to death.

But we did not come to talk about that, we came to talk about nice things, as many have already seen I decided to create my Youtube channel and although I had been proposed, I had been asked and I had thought now I am more determined than ever, I’ve been planning it for months to give you excellent videos.

For me it is important that you know that I will try this new stage and that will happen with the blog, so first I want to clarify that the blog continues, always will be, I will always write, I always escape through these lyrics and second, my youtube channel Will be not a normal fashion channel, my channel will have a bit of the blog and a bit of what a normal youtuber does. What is my purpose? May all of you enter the industry through my videos, encourage them to work on it if they like it or just gossip the reality of it, in my channel we will also talk openly, we will support other cooler looks of fashion and We will discuss issues such as blog, opinion, fashion, fashion week, styling and lifestyle always with the seal of this portal.

So let’s see, things would look like this:

In the blog you will find new articles TUESDAY and SUNDAY

In the channel you will find new weekly video on THURSDAY

If you have topics that you want to try, questions, suggestions, complaints, complaints, whatever, I will be very attentive. For now I invite you to watch my video intro and to subscribe and make me happy, I promise to give you the best of me.


We are in contact!

FB: Daniela Riaño Styling
Instagram: @danielastyling

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