Before starting I want to emphasize that I have nothing against the Caribbean Chic, it’s beautiful, I have garments like this and it has brought something giant to our Colombian industry worldwide, but today, I want to talk about another side of the fashion BCapital has left us so far, and I know that you have noticed it, just when they arrive you can see in the entrance alternative people, risky people, guys who defend their style before all things, and that, and that,!

BCapital is the perfect space to see yourself as you want to look, a black lipstick in the day, boys with platforms and heels, eyes made up for three o’ clock in the afternoon, second-rate clothes fluttering from one side to the other, customized jackets in trashy style and more elements than you know? They are part of our generation, of this generation of fashion that wants to be more and more real, which also returns to the roots but getting involved with stories and elements that leave you thinking, so I could define the second day of BCapital.

Let’s start by talking about the 5X5 catwalk where brands such as LeZapatiere, MCMA, Miclott, PHDS and Awa were, each with totally different proposals. However, I need to talk about LeZapatiere, I don’t know how to start because believe me I have a thousand things in my head, but I want to say that it is one of the most complete catwalks that I have seen in BCapital editions, despite being a first step for them, apart from the fact that they had already collaborated with other brands, LeZapatiere did a very complete show, first, there was a performance, second, presented shoes, something that is not easy at all.

To continue with this we obviously have Isabel Caviedes who, just like Darío Cárdenas, achieves a middle point between her clothes, once again we saw her influence of the streets and music, something that personally fascinates me, we saw her wide jackets that take you to think of Brooklyn, rappers and all this essence that characterizes her. Isa is one of those young talents with a long career that also shows that there is something beyond, different styles that can show what we are.

I can’t stop talking about Orozco, who closed his catwalk at the end of a canyon and who also shows how we are returning to our roots being what we are, that is to say, as much as we like it, we are not all of us of ruffles, prints of flowers and others, and maybe it’s not because we don’t want to, it’s because we don’t have the money, and even though the designers I’m naming here may not sell totally affordable, but if they give one.

Finally, I have to talk about Papi, a brand with which I have my feelings mixed but I can’t stop mentioning here, because it is part of this, to be real and if reality is a world of glitter and pink, we are not so far away.

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