A year ago I was selected to attend Aruba Fashion Week, a week of fashion in one of the most paradisiacal places, a place that likes to talk about fashion, that loves Colombia and that only good Cali sauce is heard in its streets. Vallenatos that shatter our hearts. Aruba has become one of my favorite places, for this reason I was so happy to see that I was invited again to these three fashion days that brought together countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Spain and of course, Colombia.

Days before taking the flight Agatha Ruiz de la Prada had been doing media tour in Bogota, something that nobody ever told me and I was left without seeing it, yes, I accept it, I was not invited to anything hahaha, but life is quite curious , I said to myself that it would be nice to meet her, because for no one is it a secret that Agatha has influenced the lives of Colombian girls when we were just baccalaureate, that’s why I felt something meh. However, my flight was with her, something that moved me a lot, yes, I know, I’m a fan girl hahaha but honestly it was like wow …

The flight was delayed 3 hours, that day began Aruba Fashion Week and the closing gateway was that of Agatha precisely, at that moment I thought, MY GOD, we will not achieve it … minutes later, the flight left, when arriving in Aruba wait my bags with Agatha, maybe I called the attention we had our camera, and then began to ask us: Do you go to the event ?, Where do you come ?, and … BOOM Could you claim my suitcase? I will not make it! To which we responded obviously! While she ran out to be ready with her closing.

That night I completely forgot that one had to get ready for a week of fashion, that night we arrived with our bags to the event that was precisely in our hotel but we definitely did not have time to go up and organize, no! impossible, so we took our equipment and went to work! Ahhh obvious, and to deliver your suitcase first; his response was a resounding hug and he named us his saviors, so during the whole fashion week and mentioning it to everyone, something that left me speechless :’)

Followed by this, life continued to unite us, level … we swam together and dined together while she introduced us with Hernán Zajar, saying how “lovely” we are. The next day, I decided to give her my fan of Agüita e ‘coco because it had been so special that I had no way of thanking her, to which she responded by giving me a bag and a book.

That’s how this story went, they do not know how much I learned, definitely everything comes at the right time, more things happened that I’ll tell you later but what I want to tell you is to wait, do not despair and keep dreaming big.

And of course, here I leave you something of her fashion show:

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