I feel that sometimes we forget our roots, we forget our creators and we focus on what is in the moment globally. Not bad, of course, but it is a moment to have a balance between both.

For example, today I was at the launch of St Dom Bogotá, a multi-brand Colombian design store that … WOW, I’m speechless, the curatorship, each of the pieces, literal is art, as my colleague Juan Moore said “it’s like a Colombian Colette “, then you can imagine the level. (The case these days I will post on the subject)

What I’m going with all this is that in Aruba I realized that value is so great that they all have to Colombian design, a value that we sometimes forget, either because the years passed and some designers are no longer of interest to us or because we get carried away by other things, in order today I want to highlight the value of national talent, for more things that we do not like or the subject of plagiarism, I do not know, whatever it is, it is time to adore and value what is ours.

You wonder why I say these words, well, in the two editions of Aruba Fashion Week, the Colombian design has been present, with a value that leaves you speechless, the way in which attendees and organizers express themselves about the creators of our country makes you stir the little heart and you get a smile immediately.

This was my case with Hernán Zajar I did not know what I was going to present, I had no idea about anything, but when I listened to him at the press conference and saw the feeling I had with this collection, I said yes, it will be a success; Maybe I felt something with his catwalk that I had never felt and that in the first edition of Bogotá Fashion Week I had the opportunity to make his catwalk, I remember it very well, 42 exits, a Daniela with pink hair suffering and all my friends helping me. This time it was different, I felt a great connection because it was inspired by the palenqueras, Hernán wanted to pay tribute to those women who helped him when they were little, those women who gave him the fruit and then they charged it to his mother, those women that no matter how many problems they have, they get dressed up, they get beautiful and they ride with a smile through the streets of Cartagena.

On this occasion, Hernán also worked with Johana Bahamón, the renowned Colombian actress who supports the work of the inmates, which was a perfect fusion. Hernán decided to make a collab with them so that they could also earn money inside the jail and be able to help their families, what he also did was that his collection had a wide range of prices and more than one could enjoy it.

I must say that this was the most special runway of Aruba Fashion Week, Hernan deprecated everyone and the location helped a lot, a pier where while you watched the models you enjoyed the lights of the cruise ships in the background.

Here I leave some of the looks and ¡Long live the Colombian fashion!


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