It’s not like me to go with gossip, but there are rumours going around that Sita Abellán is coming to Colombia. THERE IT IS! I’VE SAID IT! There’s no point to beat around the bush, I needed to tell you, cause it seems like the unique and distinctive model could be landing on our country, more exactly in Bogota, and what’s even better is that you could get to know her.
I guess that a lot of you know who this woman is, because all of us without a doubt want to live a story like her’s. It all began being a model, in an agency and getting this call where they tell you “HEY, Rihanna wants you in her videoclip”, yes, that’s everybody’s dream, and that was Sita’s case, a  spanish model that was part of the Bitch Better Have My Money video, and who has conquered the media and designers thanks to her unique, relaxed, and completely personal style.

But that was just one of her most ironic moments, or maybe the one that made her shine and rise, nevertheless for the ones who have no idea who she is, it would be enough taking a look at her Instagram to see her brand game style, overloaded style and a freedom attitude everywhere, additionally, this woman is total BOOM in Asia thanks to her aesthetics that bring together the manga and that nineties  Rave guys times where techno was in every party, just like we just saw with Dior Homme.
Here we can see this whole case study, it’s about the social networks, because those of you who have talked with me know how much I recommend you to use it. Sita Abellán is just one example about how to get a job thanks to a successful use of the social networks, specially Instagram, which as she says, has been her most important source of work.

“Instagram is basically my principal tool to express myself, make myself better known, and to get a position as a model and DJ. London, Tokyo, New York and Milan agencies have found me thanks to this social network.”
So if you want to know her, feel free to tell me, I’ve left clues all over the post and it all could become real soon. Are you ready?

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