I think that in this BCapital almost nobody has talked about Street Style, and I must say that for me it has been one of the favorites, because maybe they thought it was easy, but I think that in this fashion week hid many stories behind each garment, without leaving aside that is where we really discovered trends, which 90% of the population would be willing to use in one way or another.

We can talk about messages on the T-shirts, also about all that madness that was experienced with the arrival of Karl Lagerfeld X Falabella, because in several looks we were able to see above all the iconic T-shirts that left the designer’s name visible. Also, we were able to see several second-class clothes, garments that told stories from the 80s and 90s.

Other trends were moving towards the custom, brightness and enjoyment of color, yes, just like that, many stopped being afraid of color to use, green, blue, red and of course what we will talk about today, pink.


Each day had a specific tendency, as if we all agreed to dress, the first one went into a more elegant wave, the second one was quite darks and the third one was led by the pink color, where we all got it right with different clothes and accessories; but many of you will wonder why this is and the answers can be varied. Some of them decided to wear pink in support of the league against cancer, remember that this important initiative was celebrated and that better way to commemorate it than with pink. Others on their part were simply guided by their tastes that also come from this trend glitter, pink world and unicorns, for example, I was one of them.

Here I leave you with those pink looks that don’t always have to be the most extravagant, you can simply join different people to reflect what’s going on in the industry and what we want on the streets.

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