I was totally prepared, or at least I thought so, they all told me about the exaggerated cold that I was doing in New York during February, so I went with a thousand shirts and a jacket, those street style views that make you look like a little ball walking . To my surprise I was mistaken, I must confess that I had never seen the snow and arrived precise for the snowstorm, something that made me happy but it was certainly not good.

My first day at NYFW, my first catwalk and my first look; The previous days had had a lot of work in Bogotá so I could not put together my looks, I went to my fate with few clothes that occupied ALL the space.

The first day was not easy, it was my confrontation with snow for the first time and I had white platforms of Le Zapatiere my favorite brand forever haha ​​already know, I was afraid to fall but everything was going well, to complement it wear a big, white coat of a great friend Juan Jimenez, a cap and a vintage wallet that broke with color, but never in my life I have worn gloves, as a child I always hate them, therefore I was one Week with the purple and deformed fingers of the cold.

Walking was not easy, at one point literally I had to grab a pole so the wind would not take me but what the hell, I was happy to live that, with headache and all inclusive.
Look my first outfit:

Beanie: Stradivaris
Accessories: Susu
Hoodie: Bershka Man
Shoes: Le Zapatiere
Purse: Mercado Negro

Day two we are going to omit it altogether, hahaha it was a day of only backstage and one that another catwalk but it was made late and I only remember to have run a lot and to lose myself in New York. Let’s go to the next look that was the most fun for me. That day my friends could not go, it was impossible to see us, so I was worried because I wanted pics, it was my favorite look, luckily the Street style photographers outside of NYFW loved my outfit and they took many photos that saved my life.

That day it was not so cold and I had discovered that I couldn’t leave without hats or anything on my head or I was going to freeze.

Beanie: H&M
Accessories: Susu
Body: Topmark
Shoes: Le Zapatiere
Purse: Sebastian Correa
Mom Jean: Bershka

The next look was a little relax, I was already very tired and the boots with high cane will always be a good option, they fought the cold and made me feel very comfortable, Isabel Caviedes cap and backpack of Colombian design. A green coat because I am obsessed with these and voila, simple and quiet to run.

Snapback: Isabel Caviedes
Backpack: Le Zapatiere
Accessories: Susu

Already almost to finish, a look that fascinated me, with which I had almost four shirts or five underneath to not die of cold but I loved it, layer on layer, black on black and cap, maybe they will see me a lot with these the last days Because I am delighted.

Snapback: Bershka
Mercado Negro

I missed more looks, they were almost seven days but the run runs that lives there is incredible, I will have them in a surprise that I have them <3


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