I have returned and to be very judicious. With this great news we started the blog in 2018, because as they saw on my social networks I walk in São Paulo and many do not understand yet what I do here. Who is it with? How? What did I come for? Anyway! All those little details that you really have to know because I’m dying to tell you everything!

A few months ago I received the mail from a great fair in Brazil, Inspiramais, a fair specializing in innovation based on inputs, however I already knew it by two dear colleagues, Lux Lancheros de Publimetro and Cristina Maag of Front Row, two people I admire, they have all my love and good they were part of this experience in some way. (Thanks a thousand)

Returning to the subject, I received the email with the invitation, literally almost died, look at the cell phone, I had a lost look and then I went back to pick up the cell phone to see if I was not crazy and then no.

This fair lasts 2 days and I do not know, I swear I’m still a bit in shock because I feel I learned SO MUCH, and that knowledge I want to shout to the world because we are ready for 2019, Brazil has everything ready and you need to be part of this process.

Well now, I will tell you what it is and who is interested, basically I can say that anyone who likes fashion and / or work in it, because this fair is the official launch of materials, products and TRENDS in which have been worked for 6 months, then, here we can find everything for portfolios, footwear, clothing and even furniture, with a theme of innovation and a global look that characterizes Brazilian creatives.

That is why in this special I will tell you the trends for 2019 along with color palettes and others, which will work if you work in fashion or design.

Now, here at Inspiramais, it’s not about selling supplies and now, it’s about developing and facilitating people’s lives, thinking design and creative solutions, therefore we also talk about sustainability and new textile technologies that would really be surprised because they are made by them from beginning to end.

I had to tell them what I was doing here, apart from knowing and living with a great smile this experience, so with this post we give life to days of Latin American creative trends and analysis in the blog.

Thanks a lot!

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