Before anything I must confess I’ve got this cracking voice, crying eyes and I’m with a smile on my face. When I get to the writing time, I always speak like they do in the movies, that’s how I can tell you all of this, and of course! I must say, all of this feelings are happiness related, not just because of being in NYC, neither for being for my first time in one of the biggest capitals fashion weeks, but because of all the inspiring messages I’ve received from all and each one of you, I’m glad to be a person who encourage you to keep on going and who helps you see that everything you want is possible.

I feel like a queen with this special thanks, but there are people like Pr’s and brand attendants like TRESemmé  and Calvin Klein that have made this experience even more valuable.

Anyway, this post also is to begin telling you how this experience has been,that, by the way is just crazy. I think I’ve been shocked in al lot of moments, when I get to react, and I realise I’m here it’s just like WTF, when did this happen? And it’s just that this is a completely different world that the one we live in Colombia, for the ones that have read me, or the bloggers, journalists and even the models who have lived it somehow.

I’m not going to tell that it’s perfect, because everywhere there are mistakes, and it’s totally normal, but here, the people has conscience about it. The runways are really well organised, in the front rows there’s who who really deserve it, either for their work or whatever and that shocked me out. Additionally, like you see everywhere, there are attendants who are there only to stand out, but it’s pretty satisfying to see who’s on your side giving the information, it’s people with great positions but the are so humble, and what’s even better is that nobody cares about  nobody else, they don’t mess with you, if they see you going with a monkey all over your head is your business, just like if you go wearing all black, nobody cares, that’s the industry here.

Everybody is smiling, of course there are some outstanding ones like wherever you go, but they are the most exceptionally happy ones, who live and breathe fashion, and enjoy every moment. Unlike other moments I’ve had in my life, until now I haven’t felt  a heavy atmosphere, It has been pure tranquility.

But there’s something that we must talk about, and it’s design. It not a secret for anybody, that here is a meeting place for great designers, but also we have to learn which is their great secret and I’ve always said it, It’s amazing to see those runways, they give you that feeling, they excite you, I don’t know. But I want you know the two keys for a successful runway: STYLING AND MUSIC.

I’ve always gave this example about a designer as Isabel Caviedes who I remembered a lot during the  first NYFW runway, the Nicholas K one, who had a rap artist singing while the models were on their runway with a strong step. It was simple, but nailed it and it killed all of us, without a doubt a complete success.

The Styling, in Colombia they are used to do everything, and I deeply understand it, maybe all they want is to show and they want, that’s it. But this is wrong, nowadays even Jeremy Scott himself has got his own stylist, so this could be the success of a runway, they’d stop looking boring, confusing, and pointless.

We’ve still got a lot to learn, but this trip has gave me my confidence back, listen to me guys, if in Colombia they haven’t seen your work, they’ve closed the door against you, they’ve treated you badly, or other possible things, take a look outside. In most places it doesn’t matter your surname, what matters is your work, so let it talk for you, and never stop working. I’m not going to assure you what will come after  this experience but at least I’ve made it, I’ve fulfilled a dream of mine that has teached me more things than any other event in the past.

PD: Soon you’ll see everything that happened, I’ve got a surprise for you.



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