Many will wonder how you live a backstage in NYFW and although we have seen many videos of FashionTV or different influencers to surprise many is really calm, more calm than in Colombia, it is absurd really, order is the primordial, nobody runs, no one screams, no one goes crazy.

I’ll start by telling you what I was in and how I got there; Last year I was working alongside one of my favorite brands, TRESemmé, with whom I had the opportunity to make enough surprises for you and others, this time we unite to find the backstage of the big brands in New York Fashion Week, of This way I manage to be into the backstage of Kate Spade, Jason Wu, Oscar de la Renta x Monse, Carolina Herrera and Jonathan Simkhai each one totally different.

I must begin by highlighting the other level of backstage they have here, and well, is that not for nothing is one of the capitals of fashion, but also, I must emphasize that it has very Colombiamoda style, nothing to do, Inexmoda is the best studio of the national fashion, something that makes me very happy, there is not much to envy although we could implement different technological systems that use here.

Let’s start with that of Kate Spade, which was in The Russian Tea Room, a place of dreams that is hidden among the streets of New York, imagine with me, to enter backstage I saw a whole world of fairies, plastic trees and among them a series of mirrors Where there was magic, there were also many colors, literal was like an enchanted forest, something not far from what would be Kate’s collection, right there would be your presentation for NYFW that was not exactly a catwalk was a presentation. On one floor Spring / Summer and on the other Fall / Winter.

Best of all, at Fall / Winter, the models could eat while posing for the cameras, the snacks were worm-like gums, it was really amazing.

Before continuing with the other designers, I loved that here they fix the nails to the models in each catwalk, not only paint them, literally arranged in each of the catwalks, if they repeat 30 times, the 30 times they fix their nails.

Then we continue with Jason Wu, I could not believe jajajaj you do not imagine my excitement and my nerves, it was in a hotel with a very Parisian style and his fashion show and backstage practically took place in a full floor, clearly imagine that his Backstage was magical with marble walls and a bit more calm. AHHHH AND SOMETHING IMPORTANT: THE MODELS HAVE THEM A LOT OF FOOD AND REFRIGERIES, please, in the backstage I’ve worked in Colombia I have not seen this, also the workers clearly, that seemed great because they were really good snacks and called me The attention because in our country I have heard many models saying that they are hungry and plop, nothing.

We could also see the production of the fashion show that the literal epoch was so very similar to Dior, the girls walk with a single path that one between rooms, soon I will shared the video. All this was created by one of the most incredible producers: Bureau Betak industry, after them there is nothing, believe me.

Let’s continue with Jonathan and Monse to leave the best experience in the end, Carolina Herrera. Oscar de la Renta x Monse and Jonathan Simkhai both lived in the Skylight, where the whole fashion week is developed as such, these were a little more chaotic but just as incredible, I have to tell you that the ambassadors of TRESemmé WOW, another Level, incredible people who explained step by step, each with different styles that I loved, I will soon show you the ones that struck me the most was that of Jason Wu who had a style that in Colombia would hate, but for me it was really absurd, Very incredible that woman.

Let’s end with Carolina Herrera, jajajaj gives me nervous laugh writing this, I think it was one of the moments but I do not know, I do not have the word, more wonderful, I do not know, but we could be backstage with TRESemmé, a backstage VERY calm, such like her, we saw hair and makeup and then we could see the clothes to just a few centimeters before they left, also had a kind of photobooth for the models and their looks, also had beautiful black velvet jackets and I think it was the Backstage number one in the TOP, while we were there, she arrived and the nerves were worse jajajaja after this we entered her footbridge front row and at that moment I died.

I must thank TRESemmé infinitely for this experience and remember that here it does not end everything, I will show you all this that I am telling you the best way, in video. Surprises, Surprises, Surprises my beauties <3


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