New York! Concrete jungle where dreams are made of there’s nothing you can’t do now you’re in New York! These streets will make you feel brand new big lights will inspire you hear it for New York! And yeah, this post has got it’s own soundtrack, a song that always inspired me and gets me goosebumps as I hear it, that’s why I wanna tell you from the beginning that we’re going to New York Fashion Week!

I want to start telling you that the process is not as easy as LATAM’S one, I’ll be giving you a surprise soon with all the details and advices in case you want to go, additionally I must accept that wow, this was not easy at all but also I should tell you that you must always follow your dreams. Lots of people can say that I’m overreacting but I don’t know NYC and it’s no secret for anybody that if you work in the fashion industry, this is one of the dream destination, and even more important is to be assisting to one of the most important events of the industry, all due to your work and efforts.

Then, I must tell you with a litle bit more of detail that we are going to this city, we are going to meet great designers, to cover it with the blog and FashionTV Colombia, of course, covering well known brands like Desigual and some bamazing talents that I haven’t seen before like Francesca Liberatore; there’s this infinite list, there are like 60 runways in a real fashion week, 7 days full of fashion, talent, and a lot of rush.

I must confess you that my expectation are really high for this city, andnot just for this city but for it’s culture, it’s people and because, you know? There I could probe that here the society itself makes you hide, and it’s to have the possibility to dress AS YOU WISH, no matter who’s watching you, no matter the gossip and those things; maybe that could help me to open my mind, and I can start dressing myself as I’ve always wanted, because, believe me, I love how I dress myself, but there are certain things that make me lose sleep but make it tiring to go to the streets, I know you’ve all had this kind of situations, either for a hairstyle, make up, or other things, so we are going to know and leave a lot of things behind, in the end that’s what trips are for, to renew and reinvent yourself.

I want to invite you to be aware of my networks, I promise to be showing you lots and lots of things, and to tell you everything almost daily, cause I never abandon the blog, even if I’m in China super bussy, you know I’ll always keep you informed.

Thanks for eeeeeverything, without you, without the ones who read me, nothing of this could have been possible.

P.D: I’m few hours away from it, and even when I want to dress in a thousand ways, I have no idea of what to ear, all you ideas are well received.


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