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The word that Latin American fashion must eliminate – Inspiramais 2018

As I said, we would start with this special from Brazil, in my previous article I commented that I was there and that I had been invited to Inspiramais, a fair of trends and innovation to which yes, we have much to envy because it shows us how it can be global, impose and be aware of what we do. I think it is a good day to make this post, because at this moment we are living another fair focused on shoes here in Bogotá but I have seen from several experts that we are not working on innovation and it shows you do not need to go too far to give us account of it.

In Brazil I met a character that maybe we should all have in our minds, I’m talking about Walter Rodríguez, the person in charge of revolutionizing this fair and giving a clear focus to the trends with all his experience and making everything more sustainable based on the Brazilian work. without neglecting the global part and applying it to raw materials in order to achieve excellent results.

They will ask themselves what is that word that we should eliminate, and well, I will tell them that Walter, when starting this report, realized that we were all falling into a mistake that sincerely has tired many of us, we are tired of hearing the word CRISIS and not do a lot about it, what happens if we change that word? What happens if we turn everything around and stop saying that we are in CRISIS? What if we start to put all the projects for newer ones without starting a sentence with “is that we are a new project”? I think that in us is changing many things and sometimes we fail, we get used to the obvious, we get used to falling into what others say and we do not get up seeing our opportunities.

I know, I know that Colombia is going through a great moment thanks to different characters, Johanna Ortiz exported 90% of her productions to the world in 2017, Jorge Duque dressed Paris, Paula Mendoza loves Beyoncé, Ricardo Domínguez is the first Colombian in parading for Palomo, in short, we have good news but we need more, we must go for more and it is not impossible, Colombia is a country full of ideas, textile and with much art beyond the dreams and the clouds in which we live those who work in fashion but the trick is to change the chip in doing what we want without leaving aside the economic part and here I will quote Walter: “Latinos can also have value at the time we charge” and that is how my loves, we have courage when doing everything, whether it is between us, if we want to help ourselves but remember that we have to think about great ideas, get out of our comfort zone and take risky steps. Is our moment! No more CRISIS, no more this word.

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