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Venezuela, a country that rises saying FASHION

Talking about Latin America inspires me, talking about countries like Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, has become commonplace in the industry and you know? That is wonderful, we could say that it is the golden age of fashion, because the big brands are set in this area to create their collections, the creators of these countries increasingly show more global pieces but with a Latin flavor, flavor to ours.

A year ago I went to Aruba Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to speak with several media outlets there, creatives of printed magazines that have not stopped dying and that remain so strong and strong that you can only feel admiration, creative people who do the impossible to keep their editorials and to rise up before the world to say that VENEZUELA ALONE LIVES THE FASHION!

However, this is not all, in Colombia we have seen how several Venezuelan brands have come to our country having a great success, for example Aranéa or Alexandra & Vanessa, two brands of Venezuelan girls who have managed to show their talent with great success. But these are not the only cases, in Aruba once again confirm how despite the situation they want to leave their flag high and show that dreams must be fulfilled regardless of context.

I must tell you that in Venezuela fashion is being created that we must also turn to see, we can find everything, some pieces very much in the style of Colombian designers, that is, high-end, it is not luxury, it is high-end with prints and fabrics special Other brands focus, for example, on reflecting and expressing the beauty of Venezuela, something that may have been lost due to the whole conflict, so it is here that these creators give life to those typical foods, fauna and flora that is what we owe remember.

That’s why I want to recommend FIVE creators that really impressed me, all in order that you understand a little more than what happens in this country, that although things are not in the best way the dreamers of fashion are still valid It is not comparable but it reminds me when Coco helped all the jewelers around them, who wanted to finish their work after the war … today they are pioneers of the best houses.

Finally, before showing my five recommended I leave you with this sentence that may make your heart feel inflated like me.

“We fight with our demons and fashion helps us at the end of the day”

Now, my recommended ones:

Efrain Mogollon


Constanza Oquendo

No pise la grama

Nayibe Warchausky

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